Meet Our Founder

Origin Story

Let us begin. My godfather, Joseph Randazzo, has been making some exceptionally tasty beef jerky and bringing it to our house since I was a little boy. Like most great Italian cooks,when I’d ask him about the ingredients, he’d respond “a bit of this, and a pinch of that but not too much!”  So I was inspired.

 Over the last three years, I’ve made batch after batch of beef jerky that I’ve carefully documented, choosing different cuts of meat, unique ingredients, methods, etc., using my uncle’s advice and adding my own flair. My goal was to start a new beef jerky company that was like no other. I wanted to make fresh, Craft Jerky in small batches for a private jerky club.

 As I tasted mainstream jerky, I was often disappointed with its flavor and texture. Fresh home-made jerky was always so much better in my opinion. Why not give my members the chance to continuously get fresh shipments of home-made style craft jerky?

 Last year, I jumped through (almost) all of the hoops in fulfilling this dream. I bought a commercial dehydrator, paid for a business license and permits, made arrangements to rent a commercial kitchen etc. I mean seriously, how hard can it be to sell freshly made beef jerky at local farmer’s markets, hot off the dehydrator, and start a members-based jerky club? Actually pretty damn hard, requiring a ton of financial capital, USDA inspections etc. but here we are!!

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